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Portrait of an eagle

Ava Petrosky portrait

Since starting Portrait, I have noticed students compliment each other about how they demonstrate the competencies. Students tell me the lessons are fun and give them the chance to learn how to take care of themselves while building confidence.

- Ava Petrosky

Jason Kofmehl portrait

Portrait of an Eagle has given me the ability to dive deeper into the content of my courses. We focus on the how and the why instead of just the what and the when. It's helped my students to grow.

- Jason Kofmehl

Christina Stoshack portrait

Portrait of an Eagle - instilling the confidence, adaptability, empathy, communication, problem solving, critical thinking, and responsibility necessary for successful employees, military recruits, and students of the future!

- Christina Stoshack


Two young students working together on a project. Both students are wearing brightly colored clothes.

Welcome to Silver Spring Elementary School, home of the Eagles. Located on the Cumberland Valley Educational Campus, Silver Spring serves more than 500 students who reside in Silver Spring Township.

Our 50+ staff members are dedicated to providing a rigorous, caring, and well-rounded education for the K-5 students who come to our building. Silver Spring is a school that helps students develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to continue their educational journeys and is also a great place to come to school!